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December 9th, 2010 (10:17 am)
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I just had the STUPIDEST conversation with my BFF (best friend FORNOW.)

She finished season 3 of Skins and she still ships Freffy. I am so upset :(

It went like this:

Me: But don't you think Freddie was a dick to Effy at the end of 308?
Jenn: Maybe, but Cook was even more of a dick to her.
Me: For being there for her when nobody else would be???
Jenn: He basically kidnapped her.

I won't go into the rest beause it's too upsetting but WTF??? HE KIDNAPPED HER? I didn't see any handcuffs (and if I had they would of been for DIFFERENT PURPOSES LOL). Effy wanted to go with him and she would of wanted to stay with him if Freddie hadn't interfered. YES, she called him, but that was because she was worried about COOK. And I didn't buy it when she said she loved him. The way I see it she was just doing anything she could do get him there to help Cook. And then she slept with him because well, Effy is kind of messed up like that.

Don't people get it??? THE WHOLE POINT of that triangle is to show how Effy WANTS TO SELF-DESTRUCT. That's why she keeps forcing herself back with Freddie, because she HATES HERSELF and he will make her be something SHE'S NOT.

If she's with Cook she can be herself and THAT'S what scares her. Not "falling in love" or whatever that was supposed to be.

The bottom line is that when Effy is with Freddie she WANTS TO KILL HERSELF. How is that OTP? That makes no sense.

I really hope they address this in the movie so people can understand what the triangle is REALLY ABOUT.

Also I need to vent about the last episode of Glee (not the Christmas one I haven't seen that yet). I was SO EXCITED TO SEE PUCK but then they had NOTHING FOR HIM AND QUINN AND IT WAS ALL THE RACHEL THING AGAIN. I am so SICK OF RACHEL. She ruins everything. Because first I shipped Quinn/Finn and then she ruined that and now she ruins Puck/Quinn. :(