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sidcasslove [userpic]

Skins nostalgia :(

December 20th, 2010 (12:30 pm)
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current mood: nostalgic

I was looking at this picspam and it made me really sad that gen 2 is gone. And I worry about the movie because I worry they won't all be in it. I mean I don't mind if people like Thomas isn't in it, but I love Panda and want to see her and Effy together again. And I will DIE if Cook isn't it. But he has to be when you think about it because he's the most important character apart from Effy (I know everyone loves Naomily but their not really very important to the plot)

Anyway I'm also sort of worried they won't make the movie at all since it's been so long without news :(

Also the best thing about that picspam is how there's almost no Freddie. LOL!! I wish I could do picspams like that but I don't know how to do the colours. Oh well.


And I really don't like gen 3 they all seem so damn pretentious and lame. And none of them are hot like Cookie :(

Also the Glee Christmas episode was SO BORING. I wish they would just write Puck out if their not going to give us any Puck/Quinn. And Rachel and Finn are SO BORING.

sidcasslove [userpic]

Cook and Effy fanfiction, a new one

December 14th, 2010 (03:15 pm)

current mood: anxious

The Ocean

Effy has always felt this way. She leapt into a lake to get to Freddie but Cook is like the ocean to her. She is afraid of him and she is drawn to him at the same time.

Sometimes at night she whispers things to him, when he's alseep beside her, or when he's faraway. Either way he never hears her, she makes sure of that, because the things she is saying make too much sense and he will know exactly what they mean.

(He always does.)

Cook, will you promise never to forget me? Will you promise never to let me go?

Effy thinks as long as he never hears her he'll never answer her and she'll be okay. But the truth is that this isn't about words. It wouldn't matter what he said...

It means I still love you.

Even before that, she knew. She knows. She always has, always will.

Cook is like the ocean to Effy and she doesn't need to jump in. She is always swimming around in him, because there is nowhere else to be. There is nowhere that is inside of Effy that is outside of Cook and there is nowhere that is outside of Cook that is inside of Effy.

So she swims around. She splashes around.

(She gets wet; that part's easy.)

Effy treats Cook like dirt and she knows it, but sometimes at night she whispers things to him.

And every day with his whole being he answers her.

sidcasslove [userpic]


December 9th, 2010 (10:17 am)
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current mood: cranky

I just had the STUPIDEST conversation with my BFF (best friend FORNOW.)

She finished season 3 of Skins and she still ships Freffy. I am so upset :(

It went like this:

Me: But don't you think Freddie was a dick to Effy at the end of 308?
Jenn: Maybe, but Cook was even more of a dick to her.
Me: For being there for her when nobody else would be???
Jenn: He basically kidnapped her.

I won't go into the rest beause it's too upsetting but WTF??? HE KIDNAPPED HER? I didn't see any handcuffs (and if I had they would of been for DIFFERENT PURPOSES LOL). Effy wanted to go with him and she would of wanted to stay with him if Freddie hadn't interfered. YES, she called him, but that was because she was worried about COOK. And I didn't buy it when she said she loved him. The way I see it she was just doing anything she could do get him there to help Cook. And then she slept with him because well, Effy is kind of messed up like that.

Don't people get it??? THE WHOLE POINT of that triangle is to show how Effy WANTS TO SELF-DESTRUCT. That's why she keeps forcing herself back with Freddie, because she HATES HERSELF and he will make her be something SHE'S NOT.

If she's with Cook she can be herself and THAT'S what scares her. Not "falling in love" or whatever that was supposed to be.

The bottom line is that when Effy is with Freddie she WANTS TO KILL HERSELF. How is that OTP? That makes no sense.

I really hope they address this in the movie so people can understand what the triangle is REALLY ABOUT.

Also I need to vent about the last episode of Glee (not the Christmas one I haven't seen that yet). I was SO EXCITED TO SEE PUCK but then they had NOTHING FOR HIM AND QUINN AND IT WAS ALL THE RACHEL THING AGAIN. I am so SICK OF RACHEL. She ruins everything. Because first I shipped Quinn/Finn and then she ruined that and now she ruins Puck/Quinn. :(


sidcasslove [userpic]

Kaya Scodelario doing a new roll!

December 7th, 2010 (09:58 am)

current mood: aggravated

I just read that Kaya Scodelario is going to play Cathy in Wuthering Heights!! I am really excited, except that I don't really like that book because it's sort of like an older version of Twilight since the big "romance" is so gross and the main characters are so selfish and twisted. I have to admit though that at least in Wuthering Heights they get what they deserve since they're all dead lol.

I was abit disappointed with the casting of Heathcliff though because I've never heard of him and I thought Heathcliff was supposed to be a gypsy but I didn't realize he was actually black??? I'm pretty sure he wasn't actually black in the book but I don't know. I remember hearing that Ed Westick was going to be Heathcliff though which would of SUCKED because Gossip Girl is the worst and it's mostly because of him and Blair. I liked them at the start but then they just got so ridiculous and I can't stand them anymore.

But I was sad because when I heard Kaya was playing Cathy I immediately thought of how cool it would be if Jack O'Connell was cast against her. I guess he doesn't look all that "gypsy" but I think he could if he had the right costume and make-up, and anyway the chemistry would have been EXPLOSIVE. Plus because Jack can really carry off being desperately in love with someone... ESPECIALLY KAYA LOL. I read someone saying that Freddie should of been Heathcliff but um no that wouldn't work. I know he's more "gypsy" but the boy CANNOT ACT. He ruined every scene with him and Effy especially in season 4, so I would hate to see him try and pull a roll like that off.

I'm excited about the movie because it will maybe be big for Kaya but sad because they didn't at least consider Jack :( Especially since I think he was in the mini-series recently??? I'm not sure what roll he played, because I haven't seen it but I think I'll wait for Kaya's version first and then maybe see it for Jack.

I haven't had time to write any more of my fanfiction which make sme sad, but I suppose that's life. I have lots of ideas though!! There is so much story to tell for those two still. I hope there is lots of them in the movie. Actually I hope the movie is still being made at all, abit worried about that since we haven't had any news :(

Also I AM SO SICK OF GLEE. There is hardly any Puck in it these days and I read that he might be being written out of the show??? Because he's "too old"? Well their all too old, come on! Rachel should go or at least take a back seat because she gets way too much screentime with Finn. And Kurt even though I still like Kurt.

And can I just say that I HATE SAM!!!!!!!! I hate him so much and I hate Quinn with him. It's so random and out of nowhere and they have like no chemistry at all. Puck and Quinn was so much more organic and plus hello THEY HAVE A BABY TOGETHER. I really hate that they got rid of the baby so quickly. I sort of hope Shelby comes back but then it will probably all be about Rachel again which will suck.

Anyway I'm this close to not watching anymore with this Sam/Quinn thing. Humph.

sidcasslove [userpic]

Lonely Ceffy shipper :(

December 7th, 2010 (09:51 am)

current mood: bitchy

I am sad today :( I wish I had more friends on this thing. And also I made my real life BFF watch Skins FINALLY and she loves........... FREDDIE. She's only halfway through season 3 so hopefully that will change when she sees what a judgy funsponge Freddie can be, but it's still disappointing already.


It's okay she will see the light. Just like she did with Sid and Cassie!!

sidcasslove [userpic]

A second chapter to my fanfiction for Ceffy

December 1st, 2010 (11:37 am)

Since some people liked the first chapter I decided to write a second chapter for this Ceffy fanfiction! This one is a bit sexy, lol so maybe not for minors.

Cook and Effy: So Much More

Chapter Two

Effy trailed her delicate nails down Cook’s abs and he moaned as his eyes flickered gently open.

“Effy?” he asked, his eyes widening, “what are you doing here? How did you get in?”

Effy winked and tugged at the waistband of his prison pajamas. “I bribed the guards. It was easy.”

Cook blinked. “Is this a dream?” he asked almost silently.

“Do you want it to be?” Effy asked as she straddled him. Her hair fell down onto his pecs and he shivered.

“No please, God no,” he said. “Please don’t let this be a dream.”

Effy smiled tenderly and wickedly at the same time. “We don’t have much time,” she whispered.

Cook smirked as he ran his hands up her thighs. “Good thing you’re not wearing any knickers then.”

Effy grinned and felt for his stiff member which she pulled out of his pants and began to stroke with her small, delicate hand.

“You’re so hard, Cook,” she said huskily, “but I know you. You’re soft on the inside.”

Cook shook his head. “I don’t give a fuck about anything, remember?” he said with a quaver in his voice.

Effy laughed but gasped when he began to stroke her soft, wet folds. Still she managed to say through the unbearable pleasure “That’s not true. You care so much, Cook. That’s why I…”

Cook cut her off with a kiss, as if he could not bear to hear what she might say next, as if it might break the spell and leave him alone in this cold, grey room, this prison he could not escape from this time.

He was breathing hard as Effy rode him, her fingers clinging to his body as though she could not handle the idea of letting him go; not when they were this close; not so soon. She was kissing him over and over when he came, breathing in sharply as he realized they had not used protection. Effy seemed to sense his thoughts, and as she came down from her own orgasm, she kissed him sweetly and said it didn’t matter, it was taken care of.

She fell asleep in Cook’s arms that night, her head cradled in the crook of his neck and he stroked her hair and tried not to drift off so he could keep the moment alive forever.

“Effy,” he whispered tentatively, “I thought you said we didn’t have long.”

Effy didn’t reply, she only just kissed his jaw-line and settled in closer.

In the morning when the buzzer went off to wake him, Cook saw that Effy was gone.

He sighed as he stood up and reached for his jumpsuit. It must have been a dream. There was no way she could really have been in here, with him, in his arms.

But then he saw them; the strands of long brown hair on his shoulder. He knew he had to get moving or the guards would be on his ass, but Cook found he couldn’t move for a long time. He just sat there, transfixed, staring at the silky threads that proved she had been here; that she loved him; that she would wait for him, always, whether he liked it or not.

sidcasslove [userpic]

(no subject)

November 29th, 2010 (10:46 am)

I wrote a short Ceffy fanfiction. I don't usually write fanfiction, but I'm getting sick of waiting for the movie, lol!! Oh and someone said Cassie and Sid won't be in the movie! What is that! :(

Cook And Effy: So Much More

The truth is that Freddie was never Effy's soulmate. She knew that now, because she could keep on going when he was dead. She could survive even if he was buried in the earth, six foot deep. Losing him hurt, but it didn't kill her.

But when Cook went to jail, Effy thought she would die. It wasn't fair! He was a hero, not a murderer! She'd tried to tell them that on the stand but nobody had listened.

Effy felt as though nobody listened to her anymore. Except for Tony, of course. He came with her to visit Cook when nobody else would. Everyone else was calling him a murderer; saying he was dangerous; saying he was bad for her. But Tony understood and he came with her and afterwards he said how he wished they could have met for the first time in a bar, doing shots and dancing, not reaching through bars just to shake hands.

Effy smiled sadly. That's how it would have been a year ago, before everything went wrong. Cook and Effy, doing shots and dancing, with no barriers between them.

Tony had to go back to university, and Effy was only allowed to visit Cook once a week. She had to sneak out before her mother saw, before Katie's judging stare could find her. It wasn't that they didn't like Cook, it was that they were scared for Effy; scared that love had made her go crazy once and that maybe it would again.

But it wouldn't; it was different with Cook. They'd always had an understanding, a deep kinship, and even at her worst she had always felt safe with him. That was why she had wanted him gone when the darkness had taken her over. She had wanted to lose herself and spiral into chaos and she had known that he was the one person in the world who would refuse to let her go.

She would not let him go now. No matter how long he was in there. No matter how damaged he was when he got out. She would wait for him, always.

She told him that three weeks ago. She kissed him through the bars and felt warm tears falling onto cold metal. And she said "I'll wait for you, Cook. Be brave."

He tried to smile, even though his eyes were brimming with emotion. "That's what you like about me, isn't it?" he'd asked.

Effy reached through and pressed her palm to his cheek. She said in a shaky voice "That and so much more."

sidcasslove [userpic]


June 20th, 2010 (04:45 pm)

I started this journal because I keep wanting to talk about Lost ever since I saw the finale. Well the James/Juliet part anyway that was AMAZING. I cried so much. I haven't cried like that ever for a TV show. I was so happy they ended up together, even if it was in heaven. But I think they were the ones who deserved it the most. Jack and Kate was okay too but nobody has chemistry like Elizabeth and Josh. From the second I saw them together I knew they would be my OTP! (kate and Sawyer never had that chemistry probably because Evi is not on the same level as Elizabeth. Love her too but she's no Elizabeth Mitchell!)

A few pics crappy quality. I can't wait for the dvd!

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