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sidcasslove [userpic]

Lonely Ceffy shipper :(

December 7th, 2010 (09:51 am)

current mood: bitchy

I am sad today :( I wish I had more friends on this thing. And also I made my real life BFF watch Skins FINALLY and she loves........... FREDDIE. She's only halfway through season 3 so hopefully that will change when she sees what a judgy funsponge Freddie can be, but it's still disappointing already.


It's okay she will see the light. Just like she did with Sid and Cassie!!

sidcasslove [userpic]

Kaya Scodelario doing a new roll!

December 7th, 2010 (09:58 am)

current mood: aggravated

I just read that Kaya Scodelario is going to play Cathy in Wuthering Heights!! I am really excited, except that I don't really like that book because it's sort of like an older version of Twilight since the big "romance" is so gross and the main characters are so selfish and twisted. I have to admit though that at least in Wuthering Heights they get what they deserve since they're all dead lol.

I was abit disappointed with the casting of Heathcliff though because I've never heard of him and I thought Heathcliff was supposed to be a gypsy but I didn't realize he was actually black??? I'm pretty sure he wasn't actually black in the book but I don't know. I remember hearing that Ed Westick was going to be Heathcliff though which would of SUCKED because Gossip Girl is the worst and it's mostly because of him and Blair. I liked them at the start but then they just got so ridiculous and I can't stand them anymore.

But I was sad because when I heard Kaya was playing Cathy I immediately thought of how cool it would be if Jack O'Connell was cast against her. I guess he doesn't look all that "gypsy" but I think he could if he had the right costume and make-up, and anyway the chemistry would have been EXPLOSIVE. Plus because Jack can really carry off being desperately in love with someone... ESPECIALLY KAYA LOL. I read someone saying that Freddie should of been Heathcliff but um no that wouldn't work. I know he's more "gypsy" but the boy CANNOT ACT. He ruined every scene with him and Effy especially in season 4, so I would hate to see him try and pull a roll like that off.

I'm excited about the movie because it will maybe be big for Kaya but sad because they didn't at least consider Jack :( Especially since I think he was in the mini-series recently??? I'm not sure what roll he played, because I haven't seen it but I think I'll wait for Kaya's version first and then maybe see it for Jack.

I haven't had time to write any more of my fanfiction which make sme sad, but I suppose that's life. I have lots of ideas though!! There is so much story to tell for those two still. I hope there is lots of them in the movie. Actually I hope the movie is still being made at all, abit worried about that since we haven't had any news :(

Also I AM SO SICK OF GLEE. There is hardly any Puck in it these days and I read that he might be being written out of the show??? Because he's "too old"? Well their all too old, come on! Rachel should go or at least take a back seat because she gets way too much screentime with Finn. And Kurt even though I still like Kurt.

And can I just say that I HATE SAM!!!!!!!! I hate him so much and I hate Quinn with him. It's so random and out of nowhere and they have like no chemistry at all. Puck and Quinn was so much more organic and plus hello THEY HAVE A BABY TOGETHER. I really hate that they got rid of the baby so quickly. I sort of hope Shelby comes back but then it will probably all be about Rachel again which will suck.

Anyway I'm this close to not watching anymore with this Sam/Quinn thing. Humph.

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