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sidcasslove [userpic]

Skins nostalgia :(

December 20th, 2010 (12:30 pm)
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current mood: nostalgic

I was looking at this picspam and it made me really sad that gen 2 is gone. And I worry about the movie because I worry they won't all be in it. I mean I don't mind if people like Thomas isn't in it, but I love Panda and want to see her and Effy together again. And I will DIE if Cook isn't it. But he has to be when you think about it because he's the most important character apart from Effy (I know everyone loves Naomily but their not really very important to the plot)

Anyway I'm also sort of worried they won't make the movie at all since it's been so long without news :(

Also the best thing about that picspam is how there's almost no Freddie. LOL!! I wish I could do picspams like that but I don't know how to do the colours. Oh well.


And I really don't like gen 3 they all seem so damn pretentious and lame. And none of them are hot like Cookie :(

Also the Glee Christmas episode was SO BORING. I wish they would just write Puck out if their not going to give us any Puck/Quinn. And Rachel and Finn are SO BORING.